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Another retrograde is coming. Well, appearing to move backwards in its orbit as seen from our perspective here on Earth, that is. Right now, Jupiter , Saturn , and Pluto are already retrograde, and Neptune will join them on June Neptune retrograde in Pisces throughout the summer and into the fall, going direct on November In astrology, Neptune is known as the planet of dreams, imagination, and creativity.

Ultimately, the purpose of such a transit is to strip the soul from the arrogant influence of the ego while driving it to find a deeper meaning and sense of Self. Analyzing our interactions with the people around us would also serve us well, as they will serve as mirrors, allowing us to fully realize what we might have been projecting on to them. And yes, this could affect our summer plans. Gaslighting will be high, as others may try to shift the blame and attention on to us instead of accepting accountability.

We may even do it to ourselves too. It may be hard to access the truth. However, knowledge is power, and if we keep the hazards of Neptune retrograde in mind, we can avoid the ill effects.

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There are even some positives. Today, Jupiter moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Depending on your family traditions, if you celebrate Thanksgiving, you may bow your heads and say grace before your meal. But while many familiar cultural.

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This day occurs twice each year for all locations between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn because the overhead Sun appears to cross a given latitude once before the day of the solstice and once afterward. See solstice article. For all observers, the apparent position of the noon Sun is at its most northerly point on the June solstice and most southerly on the December solstice.

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  • The significance given to the summer solstice has varied among cultures, but most recognize the event in some way with holidays , festivals , and rituals around that time with themes of religion or fertility. In other cultural conventions, the solstice is closer to the middle of summer.

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    Solstice is derived from the Latin words sol Sun and sistere to stand still. The following tables contain information on the length of the day on the 20th June, close to the summer solstice of the Northern Hemisphere and winter solstice of the Southern Hemisphere i.

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    June solstice. The data was collected from the website of the Finnish Meteorological Institute on 20 June [13] as well as from certain other websites. The data is arranged geographically and within the tables from the longest day to the shortest one.

    Neptune Retrograde Will Bring Us A Deception-Filled Summer

    Length of day increases from the equator towards the North Pole in the Northern Hemisphere in June around the summer solstice there , but decreases towards the South Pole in the Southern Hemisphere at the time of the southern winter solstice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Astronomical phenomenon when Earth's axial tilt toward the Sun is a maximum currently For other uses, see Summer solstice disambiguation.

    Further information: equation of time.

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