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Breathe deeply and slowly. Remind yourself to never hurry and never worry. Stop beating yourself up for enjoying creature comforts.

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By indulging your love of luxury, it becomes much easier to deal with challenges. Avoid exaggerating situations. People will take you seriously if you give an accurate assessment of problems. Instead of insisting that a small dilemma be resolved right away, ask when it is realistic to expect that it will be fixed. Rather than being consumed by this nervous energy, find an outlet for it. Brisk exercise will allow you to release this tension, making you more attractive to golden opportunities.

Beware of an impulse to protect loved ones from problems at all costs.


If that means taking the consequences for their actions, so be it. Keeping a diary can be a safe place to air your frustrations. Some people accuse you of taking serious situations too lightly. This can sometimes be perceived as irreverence.

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Understand how this attitude can seem to those who are troubled. Stop worrying what others are saying and stay focused on doing your best. A stubborn attitude about money should be softened.

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Give yourself permission to splash out on luxuries from time to time. Your sensual side is more powerful than you admit.

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Let it take the lead from time to time. Pausing to enjoy simple pleasures will put your plans in proper perspective. Wait a few days before making an important decision. Wait, watch, listen and learn. Stop pressuring yourself to make a choice. Sit quietly and ask your intuition which direction to take. Your best path will be revealed.


Do yourself a favour and be utterly honest about an embarrassing situation. Everyone makes mistakes, but it takes true character to own up to them. People will respect it when you own up to your errors, especially when you try to do better.

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This does not leave you powerless. The relief will be immediate.

At times, your other half will have difficulty anticipating your needs. Try not to subject them to wild mood swings. The more considerate you are, the easier it will be to use this association to your advantage. When you argue, don't make personal remarks.

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