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Elder — The Seeker November 25 — December 23 Elder archetypes among Celtic tree astrology tend to be freedom-loving, and sometimes appear to be a bit wild to the other signs of the zodiac.

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You are often misjudged as an outsider as you have a tendency to be withdrawn in spite of your extroverted nature. You also tend to be very considerate of others and genuinely strive to be helpful.

Celtic Trees. I hope enjoyed this Article so far, continue browsing through more at their site pages related to this topic:. For centuries, Celtic symbols and signs held incredible power for the ancient Celts in every way of life.

Remarkably Accurate Interpretation and Meaning of Celtic Zodiac Signs

Today, we can learn about this power and utilize it by learning the language of Celtic symbols. Celts were of the Iron Age and lived in small villages which were led by warrior chiefs. The written records remaining from the Celts of Europe are scant, therefore signs and symbols can be hard to determine and trace.

Many facts come by way of the Romans, who conquered the Celtic lands during the rise of the Roman Empire. Regardless, thanks to time-honored traditions, like story-telling enough history was salvaged, and the Celtic heritage remains strong. This is very interesting and informative. I have a lot to catch up on regarding ancient Irish history. Frankly, I love the Irish accent! I also love my tree, Hazel.

Celtic zodiac finds your magical Druid Astrology tree sign based on the Ogham alphabet of the Celts

Thank you for such a well researched piece. Like Like. I also like the accent. It seems too complex and extremely broad for me. I am taking a look forward on your next submit, I will attempt to get the cling of it! Like Liked by 1 person. Your style is unique in comparison to other folks I have read stuff from.

Celtic Zodiac: Ivy Tree | lemetfocomti.ga

Thanks for stopping by Susan and for the compliment of course! Very interesting information. Thanks, I really enjoyed it. Now I know that Alder is my tree. This is wonderful! I have a rich Irish ancestry from all over the island both northern and the Republic , and am intrigued by all things Celtic. I loved reading about the Hazel sign, which is absolutely descriptive of me.


Hey not really a blogger myself, came across yours by chance, but really enjoyed this. Does not, however, include any acknowledgements to my work or other notable authors on Ogham. Thanks for your message, Helena.. I just used their pix for both the Irish Astrology Page and this one, I like their style. All the best Helena. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Most information was sourced from Wikipedia, all other information and sources with links, can be found at the end or within the articles below. It is based on a Druid symbol system and not on any of the traditional systems such as Western, Chinese or Vedic astrologies.

The Celtic Zodiac is drawn from the beliefs of the Druids and is based on the cycles of the moon. The year is divided into 13 lunar months , with a tree sacred to the druids assigned to each month. Each tree has particular magical qualities whose secret mysteries come from the ancient shamanic alphabet, the Ogram. He is also known as the Celtic Herkules. Some renowned Celtic scholars also noticed, thanks to their vast understanding, that Celtic astronomy paralleled the Vedics. The Ash tree represents escape and peaceful solitude in Celtic Astrology.

Your ogham is Nuin, which symbolizes peace and tranquility. The animals associated with the Ash tree are the seal, the seahorse, and the seagull. Your color is green and your gemstone is coral. Under the sign of the Alder tree, you are famous for your bravado. The Alder tree's ogham is Fearn, which represents moral and physical courage, and should be invoked when you need to make a bold move in life. The bear, the fox, and the hawk are the animals the Celts associated with the Alder tree. Your color is red and your gemstone is the ruby.

Represented by the Willow tree, you are known for your vivid imagination. Your Celtic ogham is Saille, which embodies the principles of intuition, creativity and artistry to support that imagination. The animals associated with the Willow sign are the adder, the hare and the sea serpent. Your color is yellow and your gemstone is moonstone.

People born under the sign of the Hawthorn tree are patient, thoughtful and hopeful. Your ogham is Huathe, which embodies the principle of restraint, providing you with optimism and keeping you from jumping the gun. The animals associated with the Hawthorn tree are the bee and the owl. Your color is purple and gemstone is topaz. Represented by the Oak tree, you stand out for your reliability, diligence and emotional strength. Your ogham is Duir, which holds the powers of protection, ideal when you're about to undertake a difficult project.

The wren, the otter, and the white horse are the animals the Celts associated with the Oak tree sign. Your color is black and your gemstone is the diamond. Under the Holly tree sign, you are celebrated for your physical strength and star power.

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They can be secretive, making it difficult to get to know the real them. Family is very important to them. They excel as teachers and in positions where they can influence the public. Hawthorn May 13 — June 9 Hawthorn people are charismatic and creative. They make great communicators and are often found performing for a crowd. They are clever strategists with strong sense of humor, but need to watch their temper. Oak June 10 — July 7 Oak individuals are charismatic, determined and self-motivated.

They make great leaders and have an infectious optimism. Their biggest downfalls are they don't always know when to keep their mouth shut and they tend to take financial risks.

Holly July 8 — August 4 Holly signs are practical and strong, with a tendency toward perfectionism. They prefer to take a supporting role in work and relationships. They don't take criticism well and have been known to retreat from the world. They do great in banking and insurance. Hazel August 5 — September 1 Hazel people are clever and detail-oriented, often analyzing every situation. They tend to have low self-worth and a lot of nervous energy. Their strength is their mind. They are great planners and organizers, and often excel as scholars. Vine September 2 — September 29 Vine individuals are very refined and perceptive.

However, they have a tendency to mood swings — being happy one moment and sad the next. Their kind and gentle nature helps them to do well in public service. Ivy September 30 — October 27 Ivy signs are exuberant and unique. They seem like the Energizer bunny, with a steady stream of energy that allows them to keep going and going.

They're very friendly, funny and optimistic.